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Let you, or any visitor to your law-related web site, search many law-related websites at the same time, restricting your search to a relevant particular community, e.g.  the Washington State legal community.

You’ve heard there’s something called CASA in that Washington State, but you don’t know much about it. You google search for “CASA” and get  The Contemporary A Cappella Society,  National CASA , local restaurants such as La Casa Del Mojito, The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, etc.  It can take quite a while to whittle things down to the resources you’re looking for, especially since they reside on a variety of websites.
How It Works
  • Define a set of websites to search, e.g. the websites of all law-related organizations in Washington State.
  • Create a search for those sites alone, using Google Custom Search Engine (GCS). No doubt other search engines have or will have similar features.
  • Put that search on your website. It looks like any other web search feature, just with a special label. See


I have not figured out how to add JavaScript to WordPress or FaceBook; as a result, the only parts of the PTBA Web Complex hosting the WAlaw GCS is the blog, at


WAlaw currently covers:

What sites should be added?
Who volunteers to keep this list updated?
What other GSCs would be helpful, e.g. other jurisdictions?


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