Social Networking and the Volunteer 3Rs

Social Networking and the Volunteer 3Rs: Recruitment, Retention and Recognition;
Using social networking tools to boost volunteer recruitment & utilization

  • This program is a segment of “Celebrate Pro Bono: Hope & Help in Hard Times”, a local instantiation of the ABA’s nationwide celebration of pro bono.
  • This is a co0peratively developed program; all ideas are welcome so jump in!

Development Team

(Organizations mentioned for identification only; no endorsement implied)
Speaking in person

  • Kathleen Martin – Attorney, CASA
  • Blaine Millet -Owner, Social Media for Executives
  • Randy Winn – Volunteer recruiter, AACF

Via Video

  • Brian Haberly – President, Washington State Paralegal Association
  • Joanna Plichta-Boisen – Puget Sound Pro Bono Coordinator Group
  • Paula Pile – Marriage Counselor, recently interviewed on CNN about Facebook compulsion


  • Debbie Aubrey – Washington State Paralegals Association

Event Design

  • Event Goal: each participant takes away practical tips for improving 3Rs via social media
  • Case Studies: each tip is presented within a case study
    • Concrete cases show not only how a particular tool works and (as importantly) that it works
    • Each case study publicizes the presenter’s organization
  • Active use of social media within the presentation
    • This further concretizes the example
    • This broadens our universe of participants, both speakers and recipient
    • What shall we use? YouTube, Twitter, Facebook … and of course, this page itself

Program Outline

Introduction (0:00 – 0:02)

Opportunity: Recruit & Use Volunteers More Effectively and At Less Cost

  • Case Study: WSPA Pro Bono Program (20:00 – 40:00)
    (LinkedIn); Brian Haberly (via video, incidentally showing use of YouTube);
  • Case Study: Attorneys Assisting Citizen-Soldiers & Families (40:00 – 55:00)
    (Listserves, WordPress/Blog, YouTube); Randy Winn

Risk/Ethics: (55:00 – 75:00)

The End (75:00 – 75:00)

  • Evaluation facilities
  • Signups for CASA, etc.
<li>Debbie Aubrey – Washington State Paralegals Association</li>

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